Riveted Bracelet

For this project, I did a copper bracelet with 3 nickel-silver strips riveted onto it. To make this, I cut out a piece of copper (1.5×7.5″), and 3 strips of nickel-silver. (.25×6″). I then taped the silver to the copper and drilled the rivet holes. Riveting was particularly challenging for me because my rivets were too long a lot of the time, and they kept popping out. After I finished the 6 rivets required to hold the strips in place, I annealed the whole thing. I chose to keep the fire scale on it because I really liked what it did to the bracelet. After it was annealed, I took a wire, taped it to the top, and hammered a curvy texture that only shows up on the silver strips. Next, I annealed it again, and bent it around the mandrel. After this was finished, I made sure my rivets were still intact, (I had to replace two) and I was finished.


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