Visiting Some Locals

Time to bring out my trusty laptop and share my experience in Iraq again! It’s quite fascinating this place. Much more to do than you’d ever expect. I’ve already visited the citadel, tried some very tasty food, and today, I talked to some people to get an idea of what it’s like here on a day to day basis. This extremely generous family has offered me to spend a morning with them. Every morning when they get up, they must first pray. After that, their morning routine largely resembles an average American family’s. The parents are helping the smaller children get ready for school, while the older kids get ready to go to work or school. The youngest child, threw his shoes on the roof. He thought if he did this, he wouldn’t have to go to school. The mother of the family begins cooking breakfast. Today we’re having Makhlama Lahm, and it smells great. It consists of eggs, lamb and tomatoes. Even the food here isn’t that far off of some of the things we eat back home. This morning further proves my theory correct. While this country still experiences conflict, they are quite similar to us in many ways.


This is a map that shows where Erbil is in Iraq. The family I visited lives in Northern Erbil, which has unfortunately been the location of some members of ISIS and attacks by U.S. military in support of Iraqi secuity forces in the past few years.

Here is a link to a video with further information on how the locals feel about having ISIS near.


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