The Erbil Bazaar

Today I plan to go do some more sight seeing. Although, yesterday’s experience really resonated with me. It really helped me understand how close we are to these people. This left me hungry for more. Both figuratively and literally. There’s a bazaar I heard about earlier, and I thought that would be the perfect place to see more amazing people and culture. After walking around for a little longer, I noticed that each street is for a specific type of item, clothes are on one street, food on another, and various other souvenir type items on another. The closest America comes to this is a farmer’s market. Which I guess is pretty close. But it’s mostly about food. This place is about everything! It’s got so much to offer.

You can get more info on the bazaar here:


This is a map of the city. The bazaar is located just south of Dream City.

Here is a video showing what it’s like to shop in the bazaar:


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