Before the Journey

Tonight is the last night before I leave to a place not many Americans would think to go. A place we’re taught to fear. A place that seems almost uninhabitable to the average person in the U.S.. The place I speak of is Iraq. Yes. I think the rumors about this place are far from the truth. And I’m going to visit there to prove other people, and even myself wrong. As I pack the last of my things, I feel nervous. I’ve always been a little bit afraid of the unknown. I look outside my window and see the evergreen trees. Gonna miss those. I hear the birds chirping as the sun goes down. I hear a ding and smell the burger as my timer goes off. That would be the last American meal I will have for awhile.

In case you didn’t know, Iraq is located in the Middle East. An area of unfortunate conflict, and almost constant war between governments. Most people in the U.S. feel as if all these people are against America. I believe this is not the case, and that is why I’m traveling there. Not for a vacation in the sun, but as a political act. To get a sense of what life is like, and what people may or may not be going chose this map because I have not left yet, and it shows the place I am, and my destination.

How Safe Is Traveling To Iraq?



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