For this project, I plan to do the Ferrari logo. This is because we were assigned to make a bookmark that represents our country of origin. I chose the Ferrari logo because it is Italian, and there is a large amount of heritage associated with it. My other ideas were an Eagle, because my last name in Italian, means “eagle.” I also thought of just doing the country itself, but the borders, and the edges proved too complex for my skill. To make the logo, I cut out a piece of copper about 3×4 inches, and cut out the shape of the shield. Then I marked holes for the clip, and cut a curve around the outside of the shield. Next, I traced the horse and the stripes. After the horse was outlined in sharpie, I filled it in to prevent the etching solution from eating away at my design. Then, I placed it face down in etching solution for about half an hour. After I took it out, I put it in liver of sulfur for about 5 minutes, and then scrubbed it off.


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